The launch of EA Sports FC 24

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Image: Daniel Sims Photography

INCA Productions is a strategic creative agency that connects brands and audiences through live digital experiences. With offices in London and New York, their clients include Netflix, Meta, Moet and Chandon, Apple and Sky.

Steeldeck has worked with INCA on several projects including The Fashion Awards 2022 at the Royal Albert Hall and providing seating in The Tanks at Tate Modern for Meta.

INCA was looking for seating with a tiered and flat floor for the main plenary launch event of EA Sports FC 24 – a video game unveiled in July 2023 – which would be released towards the end of the year. To match their design brief and create an atmosphere that resembled a football stadium, INCA chose Steeldeck’s plastic seating options to design a room that mimicked the shape of a stadium to give guests the ultimate experience .

The event took place in Het Kromhoutal, located on the banks of the IJ in Amsterdam-Noord. After decades of use as a factory hall, this special industrial location of 5000 m2 was transformed into an event location in 2012 and has become a prominent destination for a wide range of events in Amsterdam. Given the elongated but narrow dimensions of the building, INCA needed a custom bench design that would fit seamlessly with the unique shape. It was essential to ensure that the rows did not take the audience higher than a large Layher structure that had to be integrated for the branding of the event.

Image: Daniel Sims Photography

The collaboration between Steeldeck and local landscape vendors who would be responsible for the cladding and construction around the bench was essential to ensure the brief was met.

The event proved to be a great success and INCA was enthusiastic about Steeldeck’s smart finishing, high-quality chairs and overall construction.

For almost 30 years, Steeldeck has been supplying tailor-made stage and stage installations for theatres, festivals, conferences, exhibitions, schools, sports, fashion, broadcasting and music. For more information please call 020 7833 2031 or email [email protected].

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