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Pooja Sharma
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Why do so many of the world’s largest events choose Eventbase as the foundation for their mobile event apps? It comes down to trust and innovation. Events like Dreamforce and SXSW need a mobile app that is secure, scalable, and with features that take the event experience to the next level.

Over the past decade, the Eventbase team has won more awards than any other event app platform based on their commitment to innovation. They’ve introduced many groundbreaking features and this year achieved another industry first with Discover.

Get to know DISCOVER:
The next generation of personalization for events

Every stage of your event is different, so why doesn’t your mobile app adapt to the changing needs of attendees? Eventbase makes that possible with Discover. The all-new Discover feature allows event organizers to surprise attendees by creating the perfect personalized and branded first screen in their mobile app. Easily customize these screens to capture the excitement of every special moment at every stage of an event, and even create unique Discover screen sequences for different types of attendees.

Debut at SXSW:

Discover debuted at South By Southwest (SXSW) 2023 and has been featured at many other major events since. This new dynamic welcome screen helps event organizers shape the attendee journey and has the ability to craft messages suitable for every stage throughout the event lifecycle. Organizers are improving their attendees’ experience, from announcing event dates to continuing the interaction after the event.

For example, an organizer might announce before an event that badges are on sale or that speaker submissions are open. They can build excitement by counting down whether the event is next month or next week, or whether it starts tomorrow.

The properties:

Managing personalization at this granularity requires coordination. That’s why Eventbase built a tool that allows organizers to plan transitions between Discover Screens so they can set it and forget it before the event starts. During an event, the first morning is very different from the afternoon. Organizers can customize individual discovery screens to preview the next day, the opening of your trade show, or the concert taking place on the final night.

You can discover:
· Add a personalized welcome message and graphic image
· Display a customizable call-to-action button that can be promoted at any time
· Highlight can’t-miss sessions such as keynotes and other recommended content
· Promote surveys, video content, upcoming events or next year’s show
· Configure multiple screens within the Eventbase Manager web portal
· Create unique screens for VIPs, exhibitors or staff

Discover is available now and is free for Eventbase customers with a Premium Event license.

For more information and a demonstration of Discover, please email [email protected]

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