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Pooja Sharma
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Organizing a successful event requires meticulous planning and execution – and traffic management plays a crucial role in ensuring a positive visitor experience and increasing safety. Sunbelt Rentals, the UK’s largest equipment rental provider, is a market leader in providing comprehensive support for the events sector, with an emphasis on high-quality traffic management solutions. Their portfolio of traffic management solutions includes equipment from Variable Message Signs (VMS) to barriers and fencing, designed to help organizers manage the flow of pedestrians and vehicles before, during and after events.

The importance of traffic management solutions:

At the heart of every successful event lies an often essential, but often overlooked component: traffic management. Sunbelt Rentals offers a comprehensive solution to ensure a safe and exceptional visitor experience while demonstrating environmental responsibility.

After conducting an initial site survey, their team of experts works with event organizers to seamlessly integrate solutions to facilitate traffic management at events such as sports, music, festivals and winter events.

Safety is Sunbelt Rentals’ number one priority for their people, customers, communities and the climate. Using traffic management equipment, the journey to and from an event can be profoundly affected without unnecessary delays, setting a positive tone for the event. In addition, effective traffic management, crowd control and perimeter security help reduce the risk of incidents, ensuring safety for all participants.

With greater awareness of the environmental impacts of events, effective traffic management can help reduce traffic congestion and reduce emissions, creating an environmentally friendly event. Effectively managed traffic, through the installation of temporary traffic lights, VMS, event signage, pedestrian and vehicle crossings, barriers and fencing, can reduce our carbon footprint and help protect our planet.

Sunbelt Rentals offers a versatile fleet of equipment, where VMS is an indispensable solution for any modern traffic management system. The boards can be programmed to display dynamic and customized messages during events, providing immediate updates. This includes crucial information such as safety notices, parking availability, lane closures and event promotions, helping those attending or navigating events. Furthermore, they can be adapted to the needs of each event, allowing detailed and accurate information to be shared.

Sunbelt Rentals’ track record:

With over fifty years of experience supporting the events industry, Sunbelt Rentals has developed a deep understanding of the complex requirements of event organizers. Their team works closely with organizers to ensure a tailor-made setup, on time, on budget and as safely as possible, with minimal disruption to an event’s operations.

A dedicated in-house team of professionals is on hand to provide advice and guidance throughout the planning and implementation process to ensure the event is a success. They offer a flexible approach to event traffic management, with easy delivery of all solutions and quick disassembly and removal of equipment once the event has ended, for a seamless end.

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