Spiro™, the global brand experience agency, appoints Dane Aloe as Executive Vice President, Strategy & Measurement

Pooja Sharma
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Spiro™ (sp-eye-roh), a strategically led, creatively driven, leading global brand experience agency, is pleased to announce Dane Aloe as Executive Vice President of Strategy & Measurement. With an innovative creative vision and an impressive combination of strategic insights and technological expertise, Aloe brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the agency.

In his new role, Aloe will leverage his industry knowledge to lead Spiro’s strategy team, using data, actionable measurement and insights to solve clients’ biggest challenges. The team will also help drive Spiro’s growth and success by providing a critical portfolio strategy that helps clients stay leading, even with short planning windows and in a competitive marketplace.

Aloe’s strategic expertise will help the agency further realize Brand Gravity, the unique Spiro bond between brand and customer. Recently, Aloe spoke onstage at Advertising Week New York about The GRAVITY Index™, the science and methodology behind Brand Gravity, revealing the value companies across industries can gain from experiences that powerfully strengthen the relationships between their brands and their key audiences .

“We are pleased to welcome Dane to the Spiro team,” said the agency’s Global President Jeff Stelmach. “His significant skills and innovative, strategic vision align with our unique position. Under his leadership, Spiro will continue to push the boundaries for our customers and the industry, helping to redefine when, where and how brands connect with their audiences through high-impact experiential marketing.”

Aloe honed his skills as director of business development at Omelet, helping to expand the company from a 30-employee operation to a large-scale marketing agency with more than 100 employees. Aloe also co-founded digital agency Contend and was Head of Growth & Innovation at Accenture before joining Spiro.

In addition to his professional achievements, Aloe co-founded The Art & Technology Club, a community dedicated to fostering collaboration between artists and technologists and developing new art forms using artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR).

“Spiro’s focus on cultivating purposeful connection and dedication to delivering actionable measurement and results speak to my passion and mindset,” said Aloe. “I am excited to work with this dynamic team and explore the boundaries of what is possible with branded events and experiences.”

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