Sorenson and The Ops Nest are working together to make events more inclusive and accessible

Pooja Sharma
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Sorenson, a leading provider of inclusive communications services for the deaf, hard of hearing and diverse language communities around the world, today announced a partnership with The Ops Nest, a learning community for event professionals. The community offers its members a variety of resources and services, including training, networking opportunities and access to industry experts. The partnership will help organizers create a sense of belonging for participants at all events.

“We are delighted to be working with The Ops Nest to make events more inclusive and accessible,” said Matthew King, General Manager of Sorenson UK. “Together we can help event organizers create events that are truly welcoming to everyone.”

The Ops Nest members regularly host industry content that is available to everyone for free and, through the partnership with Sorenson, will be accessible to deaf and hard of hearing participants through BSL interpretation.

“We are eager to learn how we can make events more inclusive and accessible to everyone,” said Lou Kiwanuka, CEO of Ops Nest. “This collaboration with Sorenson has already allowed us to effectively understand elements of recording interpretation and has opened our eyes to how our past events have excluded many. Working with Sorenson has allowed us to take iterative steps toward our goal of creating inclusive events.

The collaboration between Sorenson and The Ops Nest is a testament to the growing importance of accessibility in the events industry. By working together, these two organizations help make events more inclusive and welcoming for all participants.

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