Snapmatic offers an AI imaging solution for live events like no other

Pooja Sharma
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What makes Snapmatic different from any other AI generation service is the combination of the fact that it is built specifically for live events (results are generated within 5 minutes), but also the accuracy of the similarity obtained by AI- training with multiple images.

It’s not just about the technology behind it. Snapmatic works with client brands and agencies to define what the brand AI-generated output should achieve: appearance, campaign story and brand representation. These concepts are refined by our fast-paced engineers, integrated into the production pipeline and then rigorously tested to ensure alignment with the branded products and, most importantly, consistency.

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Sci-Fi Prime Minister.

In June 2023, the world got a glimpse of the future when our AI Booth made its grand debut at the Strange New Worlds Season 2 launch, held at London’s Outernet. Commissioned by pop culture marketing agency Experience 12, Snapmatic embarked on an exciting mission: bringing the final season’s uniform set to life using the power of AI.


The results? Nothing short of AMAZING.

This project was an exciting adventure, enriched by the vast universe of intellectual property it encompassed. We put our AI Booth to the test, pushing the boundaries of accuracy and consistency, serving users of all shapes and sizes. This season’s uniforms became the canvas and our AI created masterpieces.

A repeat performance

Due to its overwhelming popularity, the AI ​​Booth was invited to make a triumphant return at the Paramount+ event during London Pride just two weeks later.

A testament to possibilities

This journey with Strange New Worlds Season 2 was more than just a project; it was a testament to the limitless possibilities of AI technology. It showed the ability to turn sci-fi dreams into reality and left audiences in awe of what is possible when creativity and breakthrough innovation come together.

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