Purple Guide Environmental Sustainability for Events Chapter Launch

Pooja Sharma
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The new Purple Guide Chapter was launched during Vision 2025’s Sustainable Event Summit on October 18e 2023.

Chris Johnson (Chairman, Vision: 2025) and Steve Heap (Chairman, Event Industry Forum) took to the stage, in front of a packed marquee of event professionals, to announce that the chapter of The Purple Guide has now been written and will become the latest addition to guidance of the events industry.

Steve Heap explained:

“There is a collective voice within our industry that agrees that action must be taken. That’s why it felt right that the EIF commissioned Vision: 2025 to coordinate the writing of this new chapter, to provide consistent, national guidance for benchmarking sustainable best practices.

“Chris has delivered sector-wide consultation across commercial boundaries and engaged people from a range of other fantastic organizations doing fantastic work together for the greater good. Using information from far and wide, this chapter reflects the collective acceptance and commitment to the events industry, minimizing our negative impact on the environment. We must take action to leave behind a world fit for the next generation to host festivals and outdoor events of the future.”

The Purple Guide Environmental Sustainability Chapter is a concise overview, identifying best practice for outdoor events to enable the industry to assess national environmental standards by local authorities, with the aim of achieving Net Zero by 2030.

The contents of the Purple Guide chapter will be available live to subscribers of the Purple Guide in the coming weeks.

1 Introduction

2. Key terms

3. Governance and strategy

4. Impact areas ● Energy ● Materials & waste ● Travel & transport ● Food & drinks ● Water

5. Communication

6. Partners and sponsors,

With links to relevant guidelines, legislation and sources.

The best practices championed in The Purple Guide have been accepted as industry standards for organisers, local authorities and suppliers to comply with legislation and create safe events, and are recognized as life-saving.

It is hoped that the guidelines in the Environmental Sustainability chapter will similarly become a standardized part of everyone’s event plans and spark a shift towards a more environmentally sustainable events sector.

Since the launch of the Show Must Go On Report in 2015, Vision: 2025 has gradually built a comprehensive, free-to-access database of guidance and tools to help outdoor event organizers reduce and minimize their carbon footprint.

To support the Environmental Sustainability chapter of the Purple Guide, Vision: 2025 has also developed a new Green Code of Practice.

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