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Pooja Sharma
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Conferences, exhibitions, seminars, they are in full swing again, but something is different. The world has changed. And now content is more important than ever. This is why…

The structure of events is no longer what it used to be. Let’s take a company outing… 3 days of retreat, workshops, a keynote presentation, an activity and some networking, ending with an extensive meal. Now presentations and educational/training content are delivered online. It is easier, cheaper, has a wider reach and the user can consume it at his own convenience. Networking events take place in your local town or city, but we are no longer required to attend a day conference about things we are not interested in just so we can meet people in the evening. Workshops take place on Zoom, although we are increasingly seeing this in the classroom.

What challenges does this bring? Businesses, organizations, charities, they all need to keep their audiences and customers engaged, but are finding fewer in-person opportunities to do so. And so online content goes from ‘important’ to ‘critical’.

In addition, major conferences, exhibitions, festivals and exciting experiential events are back with a bang. Organizers recognize the importance of putting on a show and providing a better experience for guests and customers. Many people live further away, or simply travel less often than before, and it takes a real draw to get them to attend. Major events are larger and more interesting, but there are fewer contact moments with those guests throughout the year.

How do we keep our customers involved all year round, between the ‘big’ events? There are many ways. We encourage small gatherings, lectures, seminars, social events, pop-ups, etc., but content should also play an important role.

So… you’ve organized your big annual event and the world-renowned industry expert is there and he/she is presenting! It was hard to get them there, but you did it! How do you ensure that the highest possible value is achieved? You’ll have to film it. They are on stage for 45 minutes and that has to be recorded. Awesome! What else? Dr.Expert will be present all day. And this is your chance…

Film interviews, record a podcast, a live Q&A, ask the audience, meet and awesome. Would your sponsor pay to host a panel or Q&A on the show floor? Living on the Internet?

Imagine if you could build a studio and broadcast throughout the entire event, both on-site and online. Show people what’s going on in real time and curate more high-quality content in less time.

Take a look at StudioPOP.

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