MacroArt’s sustainable revolution: transforming large format printing and branding environments

Pooja Sharma
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Sustainability is at the core of MacroArt. The award-winning company is not only changing the landscape of wide format printing, but is also having a significant impact on the events and exhibition sector.

MacroArt’s green initiatives are a sincere commitment captured in the independently audited Sustainability Roadmap. The roadmap, which started in 2019 in partnership with Green Circle Solutions, follows the company’s net zero targets, aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

Holistic approach

MacroArt invests in the sustainability education of its staff, with every employee following extensive sustainability training.

This is offered to every employee and ensures a holistic approach, demonstrating the company’s commitment to the continued development of its team and their long-term sustainable strategies.

Each member of the team has the opportunity to learn more about the company’s Net Zero goals, process improvement and beyond. This approach also translates into the way MacroArt deals with its customers and suppliers. In working with customers, MacroArt is proactive in recommending the most sustainable materials; sharing their wisdom and welcoming feedback and discussion, to consistently improve every corner of their operations.

Committed to learning

To ensure that MacroArt is constantly evolving, it has created a Sustainability Committee, made up of people from across the company, which meets biweekly to advance open actions, and quarterly to come up with new actions.

These meetings are used to assess progress and strategize the company’s journey to Net Zero, while empowering employees to set the course for change within the company. In addition, the Sustainability Committee is undergoing training to better understand the current landscape of sustainability within the sector.

This year, MacroArt will be present at Event Sustainability Live on the 15the and 16e November at the ExCeL in London. The team will be based on ‘Isla Island’ and will answer questions about its sustainability efforts, passing on the knowledge it has built up over the years and how the company has worked tirelessly to improve its processes.

Sustainability in action

An example of MacroArt’s journey towards greater sustainability is the launch of its banner rental service. By choosing this scheme, customers can significantly reduce their ecological footprint. The Total Embody Carbon for a 10 x 4 x 1.5 meter hanging box banner is approximately 33% lower compared to a traditionally purchased system that is used twice.

MacroArt’s commitment to sustainability was clearly visible at the ICE gaming event held at ExCeL London in February. They took on an enormous challenge: more than 1,500 square meters of graphic material. They collected, sorted and processed these materials into controlled waste streams, ensuring a significant amount of potential waste was diverted from landfill and adopting MacroArt’s ‘reuse and recycle’ ethos.

Since the 2019 report prepared by Green Circle Solutions, CO2e per m2 has steadily decreased by 24%. Such commitment to sustainability extends to the company’s energy consumption, which MacroArt is proud to report has transitioned to 100% renewable energy sources.

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