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Pooja Sharma
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Choose 2 Rent helps event organizers create a memorable attendee experience through advanced registration technology and unparalleled service. As the industry’s leading event registration rental partner, they work together worldwide in a proven network with local expertise. From event check-in and badge printing to lead capture devices and mobile internet solutions, they do it all.

Pure professionalism combined with enthusiasm

Choose 2 Rent recognizes the critical role of advanced registration technology in creating streamlined events, and they are available to bring your vision to life. With enthusiasm and professionalism, quick responses with a preference for details and the right questions to ensure that deliveries meet and even exceed expectations, the team specializes in what the company promises and processes are set up for success. In total, they provide an impressively in-depth understanding of what it takes for a successful event registration setup. Services are designed to enhance the attendee experience, streamline check-in and registration, and support event organizers and planners in choosing the right mix of products to co-create impactful, memorable events.

Modern technology, carefully planned logistics and an addiction to sustainability goals

Dive into a universe of limitless possibilities and discover how their superior hardware can take your event registration processes to levels beyond your wildest dreams. With a wide range of printers, registration hardwareAnd badge suppliesChoose 2 Rent is the best destination for event check-in.

Immediately global footprintChoose 2 Rent has proven its excellence in local and global logistics organizations, from the United Kingdom to Singapore, the United States and beyond!

With its strong ambition to continuously meet environmental objectives and contribute effectively to them, Choose 2 Rent is always looking to help the events industry with new, even better solutions to achieve zero waste, less CO2 and a smaller footprint in the events industry reach.

Meet the team

Join us on this exciting journey to event excellence. With Choose 2 Rent, your event will not only meet expectations, but exceed them. Welcome to the future of the industry, where professionalism and technology meet! Would you like to know more about them and get to know the team? View a complete cable-free badge print, an advanced registration kiosk or sustainable badge solutions at ETL London 2023. Meet the team at stand C10.

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