First Sight Media won five shows!

Pooja Sharma
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Video production company First Sight Media has had an exceptional month, winning contracts to provide film, streaming and video production services for five of the events sector’s most important shows: AMP Events’ Event Tech Live and Event Sustainability Live in November 2023, and Mash Media’s International Confex, The Event Production Show and The PA Show in February 2024.

In November, twenty-one members of the First Sight Media team will head to ExCeL London to film and stream content from Event Tech Live and Event Sustainability Live. During the shows, the First Sight Media team will film and stream from each show’s two main stages and five additional stages. In addition, First Sight Media will deliver its ‘on-floor’ studio, where the crew will film ‘continuity content’, anchored by Simon Howard. Twenty-one cameras will work in the two shows and the studios; all recordings are mixed on the show floor ready for output, with each show having a daily highlights video. During the Event Tech Awards, held at the end of the show on day one, First Sight Media will film a highlights video.

Rich Belcher, MD of First Sight Media, commented: “Our ‘on-floor’ studio concept has become part of what we now call ‘Feeding the Beast’. Simply put, it provides entertaining and informative content that keeps online audiences engaged between sessions on the main stages. Crucially, we view the whole day as a single production event and not as a series of small filming activities. This means the content is aggregated and flowing, and we keep the online audience just as engaged with the day’s content as the in-person visitors.”

In February 2024, the team will return to ExCeL London with a crew of 16 to work on the Mash Media shows – International Confex, the Event Production Show and the PA Show, where they will provide filming services to all stages of The PA Show and the main stages of both International Confex and The Event Production Show, along with daily highlights videos.

“The timing and logistics of filming, streaming, editing and delivering a range of broadcast quality for all these shows is challenging, but that’s what we enjoy. The AMP shows will require 684 hours of crew time, the Mash Media shows 528 hours, and every hour will be used to make the show content work as hard as possible for the organizers. It’s also fun to encourage our customers to push themselves a little bit to give the audience and attendees a little extra spice that makes them want to attend and come back next year,” Belcher said.

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