Experienced Event Tech Expert joins Zuant from Cvent

Pooja Sharma
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David Soto, a seasoned technology sale practitioner with more than 20 year by experience, is this month participate Zuant as VP by Sale, UNITED STATES, Unpleasant further to build on the company to grow good luck in north America. Based in Austin Texas, David has been consistent demonstrated a talent for the driving gain And forging strategic partnerships, to make it a excel leader in technology for events.

This prestigious appointment further strengthens the company’s leadership in the event technology sales sector. In this new role, David will be instrumental in offering a deeper and broader range of services to his business clients in the region.

With a track record of exceeding sales targets and consistently delivering innovative solutions to clients at Alliance Tech and more recently Cvent, David has cemented his reputation as a results-driven and customer-focused professional. He has been at the forefront of the evolution of the technology industry, adapting to new trends and emerging technologies while helping clients navigate the complex world of event technology solutions.

Zuant is recognized as the lead management app and system. Praised for its good design and used by many Fortune 500 companies such as 3M, Tesla and Verizon, the Zuant system provides a first-line lead capture tool for both live events and now the virtual world through Zuant 3D and Matterport .

Background: “I started in 2002 as a Sales Representative at AllianceTech here in Austin, Texas, where I later became Sales Manager, Sales Director, Vice President of Sales, and then Vice President of Partners & Strategic Alliances. In 2015, AllianceTech was acquired by Cvent and until 2023 I started leading a team of 6 to 7 salespeople.”

“My role is to expand Zuant’s footprint in North America by focusing on event marketing metrics for Enterprise and Mid Market customers. Trade fairs are now back in full force, so it is important to help organizations reach their customers quickly and easily via Zuant!”

“My career path has been quite interesting since I started early with AllianceTech at a smaller company, then joined a much larger team at Cvent and now back at a smaller organization at Zuant! Some things I like about Zuant are: 1. Greater impact: At Zuant, my contributions can have a more direct and noticeable impact. I get the opportunity to shape the direction of the company and be involved in a wider range of tasks and decisions. 2. Less bureaucracy: Zuant has less red tape and bureaucracy, making it easier to get things done quickly and respond more flexibly to changes in the market. 3. Closer team dynamics: Zuant promotes a stronger sense of camaraderie and collaboration, leading to close working relationships with colleagues. 4. Entrepreneurial Experience: Zuant offers a more entrepreneurial experience, allowing me to wear many hats and be involved in different aspects of the business. 5. Innovation: Zuant promotes a culture of innovation and a willingness to try new approaches and technologies.”

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