ExCeL London publishes sustainability strategy

Pooja Sharma
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Carbon neutral events venue ExCeL London, part of ADNEC Group, has today published its sustainability strategy which aims to shape the future of events in a future that is net zero, resource efficient and fair for all its stakeholders.

Under the umbrella of ADNEC Group’s broader ESG ambitions, ExCeL’s sustainability strategy is driven by five key pillars that underpin its core activities both sustainably and ethically. The pillars include: Sustainable Location & Events; People, culture and safety; Community and platform for change; Customers, partners and supply chain; and Governance & Ethics.

These pillars and their detailed action plans were developed following a double materiality assessment conducted in late 2022, involving more than 600 stakeholder representatives from key groups, including event organisers, exhibitors, visitors, employees, suppliers, events industry partners and the local community of ExCeL, were present. . During this process, ExCeL identified what is important to their stakeholders and how to further improve environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance in the long term.

ExCeL is London’s largest events venue and remains committed to measuring and reducing its carbon footprint as a signatory of the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge. Since achieving carbon neutrality to the internationally recognized PAS 2060 standard last year, it has since become a Planet Mark Certified Business, ensuring its Scope 1, 2 and Scope 3 CO2 emissions data are verified. The site’s Net Zero strategy is currently being developed in accordance with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) Corporate Net Zero Standard.

Chairman of ExCeL London, Humaid Al Dhaheri, said: “At ADNEC Group, our aim is to grow in an ethical and responsible manner. We want to balance commercial success with positive environmental and social impacts. ExCeL London’s Net Zero Strategy aligns with and strengthens our overarching sustainability ambitions under our corporate umbrella. We are proud of ExCeL London’s sustainability efforts as they reflect our commitment to driving long-term value for all stakeholders through ethical and sustainable practices across our operations.”

ExCeL’s CEO Jeremy Rees commented: “Sustainable development is fundamental to our success. By shaping the future of our events into one that is net zero, resource efficient and equitable, we aim to be a sustainability leader within our industry. I am proud that our sustainability strategy is not only embedded in our business planning process, but also fully supported by ADNEC Group, the ExCeL board and the wider ExCeL team.”

ExCeL forms a key part of the ADNEC Group’s wider ESG ambitions by setting its own objectives in line with the Group Strategy, taking into account the site’s unique set of material topics and stakeholder needs.

ExCeL’s sustainability manager Natalie Skyes added: “A sustainable business is not one that keeps doing the same thing over and over again, but one that continues to evolve. This strategy sets out our long-term ambitions to transform our location and the way we work in partnership with all our stakeholders, ultimately benefiting both people and the planet.”

In addition to its sustainability strategy, the site has a long history of sustainable initiatives, including a zero-landfill policy and is even home to one of the UK’s largest worm bins – with more than 300,000 worms turning leftover food waste into compost for green spaces of the location. More recently, they have introduced HVO biodiesel that will eliminate 165 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, and trialled new electrical installations and equipment in the transition to a net-zero future.

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