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Pooja Sharma
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Focused on event wellbeing, neuro-inclusion and mental wellbeing, our award-winning flexible and pop-up quiet rooms and sensory spaces have been carefully designed to provide a serene mental escape in a safe, supervised and accessible space. These spaces are specifically tailored to support and enhance the overall event experience for individuals.

Conferences and events are vibrant and dynamic environments, packed with opportunities for learning and discovery. However, they can also be overwhelming, exhausting and triggering for many people due to the constant stimulation and outward-looking nature. Our quiet spaces provide a sanctuary to which visitors can retreat when they feel overwhelmed or overloaded by the sensory input of their environment. These spaces provide individuals with the time and space they need to calm their sensory and nervous systems, allowing them to relax and rest.

The role of event wellbeing is to provide emotional and practical support to all event participants, including the event team. Even the most experienced event organizer cannot predict when emotional or practical support will be needed during an event. Our EventWell® Hosts are highly skilled at creating a supportive environment and providing essential assistance when needed.

An event Well® space, with a trained and experienced host as the cornerstone, offers a total solution. It provides all participants with a supervised and safe space where they can:

– Check emails, read, take a nap, meditate, listen to music, practice deep breathing or just rest and take a much-needed 10-minute break.

– Reduce stimulation and triggers, manage sensory overload effectively and find a sense of calm.

– Have confidential and discreet conversations with someone who can provide a safe space to discuss any emotions, experiences or observations they may have encountered.

By installing an EventWell® By integrating quiet and sensory space into your event, you prioritize mental wellness and neuroinclusion for all participants. Our dedicated spaces and trained team ensure that everyone feels supported, valued and can fully participate in the event experience.

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