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Pooja Sharma
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Validar was founded in 2005 based on our Founders experience as a receiver of event data. He led a large sales team for a publicly traded company and saw an opportunity to help event marketers better understand and articulate their true value. We believe that most event marketers don’t get the full credit they deserve for their hard work, and our goal is to capture the real economic impact of their event content in generating renewed interest and pipeline.

Validar’s platform is designed to track visitor behavior for treatment and the badge credential is a channel for our greater value. We excel in on-site registration and on-demand printing of badges. Whatever the size of the event, we can deliver an on-demand badge printing solution in three ways.

  1. Full service – Includes your check-in hardware, software, installation, training, support and teardown.
  2. Kit and self-support – Includes your check-in hardware, software, pre-event training and live remote support.
  3. Software and self-support only – Includes software, pre-event training and live remote support.

Our platform integrates with any registration platform and directly into your marketing stack. When we integrate with your marketing stack, we provide overall event participation, session attendance, meetings requested based on session content, and categorized leads from your exhibit.

It all starts with the badge reference.

Our platform is offered à la carte and consists of the following components:

  1. vCheckin registration on site – Customized on-site check-in application with on-demand badge printing, fully integrated with the registration platform of your choice.
  2. Get vCapture lead – Custom lead capture application fully integrated with Salesforce for exhibiting sponsors.
  3. Validar session attendance tracking – Whether scanning or passive tracking with BLE.
  4. EventHub participant tool – Dynamic attendee tool used for dynamic session evaluations, session meeting requests, and the My Score tab to see gamification points earned.
  5. EventScore – Gamification that recognizes and rewards session participant, exhibitor participant, and session feedback engagement. This program is ideally suited to serve a community, where points can be earned on multiple events, just like your favorite rewards program.

When Validar is used properly, you get a detailed overview of all activities for each participant, with information about when they arrive, which sessions they went to, which exhibitors they met and feedback on each experience! Even better, we can put this data into your marketing stack so your systems expand the conversation based on a visitor’s entire journey. We are very suitable for events that generate demand!

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