DRPG earns B Corp certification for its continued focus on sustainability

Pooja Sharma
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Global creative communications agency DRPG has officially received B Corp certification thanks to its continued commitment to sustainability.

The B Corp Certification™ is an internationally recognized designation given to companies that apply strict criteria in the areas of social and environmental performance, responsibility and openness. More than 7,000 companies of different sizes, spanning various industries and countries, have successfully achieved B Corp certification.

Group CEO of DRPG Dale Parmenter said: “Receiving the B Corp certification is hugely meaningful to our entire team. We have embarked on an extraordinary sustainability journey spanning more than 15 years, collecting countless awards and certifications for our commitment. That is why the honor with B Corp feels like the crowning achievement.”

“Claiming to prioritize sustainability is one aspect, but gaining official recognition is a completely different matter. This certification is one of the most valued levels of commitment when it comes to every aspect of sustainability, and that is exactly why it is so important to us at DRPG.”

To mark this occasion, the Group has released a special edition of the B Corp Sustainability Charter. The charter shows the evidence gathered over the past 18 months to achieve the accreditation and how the efforts in the company’s longer-term sustainability strategy have led to this moment. CEO Dale Parmenter will deliver a keynote session at Event Sustainability Live at the ExCel on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, where he will discuss what to measure, analyzing the event supply chain, conducting due diligence throughout the event process, how to proceed are about tracking CO2 emissions and how to ‘keep things simple’.

In terms of how sustainability should be thought about across the sector and across the business, Dale continued: “Forging a sustainable future does not have to be a complicated process, yet we are often mired in complicated procedures, systems and governance that fail to deliver substantial influence. Instead of overcomplicating things, let’s take a simple approach and judge success by the triple bottom line. Companies should strive to create a holistic strategy that addresses environmental issues, champions fairness for all, and recognizes that the pursuit of profitability is not inherently harmful.”

“I would like to take this moment to extend a huge thank you not only to all the team members at DRPG for making our mantra of ‘anything is possible’ a reality, but also to Syntiro Associates. Sam Wilson and the team have been our sustainability partners for the past 15 years, helping shape our path by supporting, creating and embedding new practices. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

DRPG has started using the term ‘Messy Middle’, which encompasses the gap between its current position and the achievement of its future climate-related goals. DRPG’s Head of Sustainability and Integrity, Andrew Davis, said: “Balancing our social, environmental and economic impact invariably involves a trade-off, and it is important to recognize that there is no foolproof solution that perfectly addresses all three dimensions. at the same time. Nevertheless, our commitment remains steadfast as we strive to work towards the best overall sustainable solution (Boss), while staying true to our core values.”

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