DRPG announces closure of CMD Vuurwerk en Pyrotechniek

Pooja Sharma
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DRPG has announced the closure of CMD (Corporate Media Displays), the brand responsible for pyrotechnics, fireworks and large outdoor displays for the group over the past decade.

The group’s board members unanimously decided to close because the department’s practices were not in line with the sustainable ethos and environmental standard of DRPG, now a B Corp certified company.

Pyrotechnics and fireworks release many pollutants that can contribute to climate change, including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and particulate matter. After a fireworks show, local air quality is negatively affected, leading to toxic mist and inhalants, which can be harmful to the lungs and heart if ingested. Then we haven’t even mentioned the social impact and noise pollution, which is often harmful to animals. DRPG understands this and believes it can provide equally exciting and safer displays for awards ceremonies and other festive events.

During the pandemic, DRPG demonstrated a projection mapping solution, which used interactive images projected on a large scale across the exterior of the studio complex. It was a celebration of the hardworking NHS staff of the time.

Creative technologist at DRPG, Nick Fagan, talks about another exciting solution we can offer in place of fireworks and pyrotechnics: “We have become interested in using drones to create more sustainable displays that are just as expressive as traditional fireworks, but more importantly: fully customizable and renewable.

“Unlike fireworks, drones can be programmed for more than one event, saving a lot of material, both material and technical. We certainly have the electricity to power them. For example, our solar-powered headquarters in Hartlebury often exports more to the grid than we use. Drones are becoming more and more affordable every year, and that’s just one solution.”

CEO Dale Parmenter commented: “At DRPG we believe we are a convoy of sustainability, putting people and places at the forefront of our beliefs and striving to benefit everyone through our services. The closure of CMD has enabled us to make positive changes so that we can further excel in the areas of the environment and sustainability. We are the first and only communications agency to win the Queen’s Award for Sustainability. And we honor this, not with a bang, but with a drive to do good.”

DRPG was the first agency to be accredited with ISO 14001 and 20121 and most recently achieved B Corp status and retained Platinum IIP accreditation.

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