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Pooja Sharma
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Our tailor-made waste collection and waste management services include pre-event waste clearance and ongoing services during your event and after the event.

Our event recycling, litter and waste management teams work closely with our partners and other agencies to achieve source separation of recyclable and compostable materials and reduce waste going to landfill.

We offer tailor-made solutions for event and festival waste collection, waste management and recycling, including:

  • Event clean-up
  • Source separation
  • Advice to help your event reduce its impact on the environment
  • Links have been established with voluntary and charitable organizations that encourage public participation in waste collection and recycling; which in turn benefits charities and organizations

We work tirelessly with our contractors and internally to ensure that as much of the waste we produce is recycled. General waste is checked for recyclables and the remaining waste is diverted from landfill. We always strive for 100% diversion of the deposit.

  • MRFs (Material Recovery Facility) – All waste brought to an MRF is mechanically sorted so that individual materials can then be sent for recycling. This is most effective when applied to dry mixed recyclables, but can also be applied to mixed waste.
  • EFW (Energy from Waste) – All waste classified as General Waste is sent to an EFW incinerator. This is the most effective way to utilize non-recyclable waste and provides a sustainable waste management solution. These facilities generate power for tens of thousands of homes across the country
  • Food waste (anaerobic digestion) – This is recognized as the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to process food waste. Treating food waste with anaerobic bacteria creates fertilizer that is sent to farms and the biogas is used for electricity.

Local trade/charity collections – What is ‘nonsense’ to some may be useful material to others. We aim to work with local traders, communities and charity groups to reuse useful materials such as pallets, wood, hospitality disposables, tents and more.

Prior to the above processes, several steps are also implemented on site:

  • Separation at the Source. Working systematically means that litter collected from the floor can be separated immediately, maximizing recycling.
  • Two-bin system. All waste bins, both at the front and back of the house, are arranged in pairs so there is always the option to recycle. A third ‘food waste’ bin will be made available for food vendors/caterers.
  • Clear labeling of bins and waste containers. Large, clear signage encourages festival goers to think about which bin they use for their waste.
  • Communication with traders and other contractors. By discussing our recycling methods, we encourage other employees on site to consider the appropriate disposal method.

DC Site Services prides itself on working hard to build relationships with various waste management companies developing a national network that understands how the events industry works. Contractors are not chosen solely on the basis of price, but on the quality of service, disposal methods, suitability of equipment and general willingness to operate outside their usual activities.

If you would like more information about our litter clearance, waste and recycling management at events and how we can help you “reduce, reuse and recycle” at your event, please contact us!

We also offer cleaning and toileting services for events, festivals and venues. For more information see ‘Event Cleaning & Toilet Service’

Contact details:

General Information: [email protected]
Quotations for services: [email protected]
+44 (0) 1733 200 713

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