Custom Neon – Leading the way in LED neon sign design and production

Pooja Sharma
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When it comes to LED neon signs, few brands exhibit the prowess, reach and reliability of Custom Neon. Since its founding in 2018, the brand has amassed a global audience, and with teams in the UK, Australia, US and China, they can provide 24-hour service, fulfillment and design assistance.

The brand has grown rapidly, but organically, and their continued growth is a testament to their commitment to quality, integrity, adaptability, workforce training and market insight.

Custom Neon was founded with a simple yet ambitious vision: to be the world’s most trusted supplier of LED neon signs.

To better understand the signage market, they invested in research to delve into consumer perceptions of signage so they could better serve their customers.

A few surprising discoveries:

  • 77% of respondents – almost 4 out of 5 – have previously had trouble finding a business due to poor or no signage.
  • Just over 76% of respondents had previously visited a store or business because of attractive signage.
  • 66% of respondents have a bad opinion of a business because of its signage.
  • Nearly 79% of consumers surveyed believe this Signage reflects the quality of a business and the product or service offered.
  • Just over 75% say they have purchased something in the past because a sign caught their eye.
  • 70.5% of respondents would be less likely to enter a business that does not have a sign.
  • Almost 85% of consumers indicated that they were attracted to this bright and colorful signage.
  • And surprisingly, 72.20% of respondents believe that good signage is more important for a company than advertisements on social media or newspapers.

Custom Neon’s strategic approach has grown them from a small start-up, delivering to B2C customers, local businesses, weddings and events, to an eight-figure company, with #1 rankings, thousands of five-star reviews and celebrity endorsements .

Custom Neon has an impressive portfolio, lighting global sporting events, music festivals and even high-profile ceremonies such as Paris Hilton’s wedding. World-renowned brands such as Facebook, Adidas, Coca-Cola and Tiktok, as well as esteemed events such as the Grammys, have used Custom Neon to enhance their visibility, branding or promotional messages.

Beyond Business: impact and responsibility

The brand’s ethos extends beyond commerce. Since the beginning, they have been committed to community outreach, making impactful contributions to organizations such as Give Directly and Oxfam. They are also proud of their ‘Signs of Change’ product range, which donates 100% profits to marginalized communities.

Custom Neon’s sustainability efforts not only fund important environmental projects, but also integrate sustainability into daily operations. A paperless workflow, recyclable packaging with soy-based ink and the drive to improve their green quotient (with targets such as 70% recyclable packaging by 2024) The innovative initiative to collaborate on ‘no-waste’ signs, using LED neon residue are transformed into brand-oriented works of art, showing their sustainable mentality.

Custom Neon is at the forefront of the LED neon sign industry. Their footprint at high-profile events and collaborations with global brands speaks volumes about their quality and market suitability. At the same time, their social and environmental efforts highlight a brand that is not only business savvy, but also ethically grounded. At its core, Custom Neon isn’t just about lighting locations; it’s about enlightening the industry with standards, innovations and dedication.

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