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Pooja Sharma
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Are you tirelessly looking for a simple and budget-friendly badge solution for your smaller events, but come up empty-handed?

Search no further. Introducing CrowdBadge, the revolutionary global badging and scanning service from CrowdApps – a suite that includes CrowdScreen, known as the leading social media display, as used by F1.

Designed around easy-to-use cloud software, CrowdBadge provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution tailored to events with up to a thousand participants. This innovative service offers on-demand badging, facilitating lead generation for your entire audience and giving your team a streamlined way to track visitors using virtual scanners.

It was developed after consultation with some of the UK’s busiest events professionals, who identified rising costs, inflexible systems and complex technology as key pain points in their operations.

How does CrowdBadge simplify the badge process?

It’s as simple as uploading your visitor list, including different pass types and custom fields, and instantly generating a unique QR code for each visitor. For added convenience, you can even email them a digital copy.

During your event, you can find and print attendee name badges in seconds, right from your browser. Customize fields such as job title, company name, card type and more. Adding walk-ups to the system is also a breeze.

Another notable feature is the elimination of the need to rent expensive hardware scanners. With CrowdBadge you can create unlimited virtual scanners and share links with your team with just one click. This turns their mobile or tablet into a scanner that can be used on multiple devices at the same time.

Once your event is over, export all scanner data in an instant so you can effortlessly identify the whereabouts of attendees. QR codes on badges can also be scanned by any visitor, promoting seamless networking and lead generation without the hassle of downloading additional apps. Simply sign up for a free CrowdBadge account, scan, add notes and reviews, and more. Exporting your valuable contacts is also just a click away.

CrowdBadge is available as a complete solution, including design and fully printed badges, laptop and printer rental and on-site event support. Alternatively, it can be delivered as a software-only solution.

The current industry average for badges at smaller events hovers around £6,000, but CrowdBadge has the potential to halve this cost.

Neil Bentley, the founder of CrowdBadge & CrowdApps, expresses his excitement: “With over 10 years of experience creating event technology, we have never been more excited. It provides a simple, robust solution while freeing up budget for event organizers to achieve higher profitability. We believe there has never been a more important time for CrowdBadge.”

Could CrowdBadge be the game-changer you’ve been looking for for your event badge challenges?

If you would like to explore the possibilities further or schedule a demo, please contact the CrowdApps team here or call them on 020 8004 3422.

You can even watch our latest presentation here.

Make your events smoother, more efficient and more cost-effective with CrowdBadge!

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