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  1. Member name: Conference Care Limited & Carbon Consultancy
  1. Date formed: 01/04/1995
  1. Number of annual events supported: 5,000+
  1. Staff: 43+
  1. Offices: Hinckley and Edinburgh
  1. Web address:
  1. Mantra: To inspire, innovate and create change, help people achieve their goals and share success.
  1. Formation:

Conference Care was founded by two ex-hotel operations managers, Andrew Deakin and Chris Peacock. They had a big dream, a lot of drive and the ambition to make a difference. In 1995 they founded Conference Care Ltd (then Conference Care UK) to provide two main things:

1. High-quality service to event planners – Andrew and Chris saw a gap between what venues could offer clients during the planning process, and what clients actually expected and needed. Conference Care was founded to bridge this gap.

2. A safe and happy working environment – ​​From the beginning, Conference Care has always focused on providing a good work-life balance, and this ethos continues to this day.

  1. Leadership:

    Our Senior Leadership Team, consisting of Pauline Beattie – Sales Director, Rebecca Hollis – Operations Director, and Amanda Riley – Finance Director, are the driving force behind the day-to-day running of the business at Conference Care. As Managing Director, Andrew Deakin drives the company’s growth at a strategic level.

    Pauline brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the sales strategy and team with over 20 years of service in the business.

    Rebecca started her career at Conference Care as an events consultant and has risen through the ranks over the years to ensure our operations run smoothly.

    Amanda came to us from outside the events industry and brought expert financial knowledge and insights to the company, which she is now sharing with the industry as a whole.

    Andrew loves seeing the team thrive and supporting people to achieve their goals.

  2. What benefits do you appreciate when you are a member of the beam?

    When we first joined Beam – back when it was still called the HBAA in 1998 – we saw great value in networking with like-minded individuals. We quickly realized that you get as much out of it as you put into it. That is why we remain members and still have our say today. We have taken our involvement seriously over the years and have held various roles, including chairman and treasurer. We helped write the code of conduct, which is now common in the industry, and took part in challenges to raise money for the charities that BEAM supports. Currently, Pauline Beattie is an active member of the Sustainability Action Group.

    More recently, Amanda Riley was part of a BEAM steering group that created a toolkit for partners to address the changing landscape of billback and credit facilities within the events sector, and Pauline Beattie is an active member of the Sustainability Action Group.

    It is hugely valuable to be part of the organization and we will continue to do our part to support industry best practice in the future.

  3. Main services and sectors served:

    Conference Care is more than a location finder. We help companies in every sector host, run, reduce carbon footprint and digitize their events. Our expert venue finding team will help you find a quirky space, a meeting place for the local team or a space for a large-scale exhibition – whatever you need. Our event management experts will be by your side and ensure that your event runs smoothly, saving you time and effort and solving problems before they arise. Our CO2 consultancy team will give you a clear insight into the CO2 footprint of your event and help you achieve a meaningful reduction in CO2 emissions. Our accommodation solutions help you manage group bookings, conference assignments, foreign delegations or guests looking for a home away from home while relocating or on secondment. Finally, our digital services will enhance your event in every way, streamlining the attendee journey, creating new revenue streams, attracting new attendees and more.

All our solutions are tailor-made to support the challenges our clients face in delivering successful event programs. We faced them head-on and developed innovative new solutions to address them. This is the core of business: we are problem solvers. Give us a challenge related to your event and we will solve it.

  1. What the future brings:

The future of our company is determined by our customers. Whatever challenges they face, we will rise to the occasion and meet them head on. As a result, we are currently working on several solutions, including:

  • Locations for good. A new sustainable initiative that highlights spaces that have a positive impact in the events world.
  • Congress management. Expand our work abroad with a cutting-edge solution to ensure compliance, logistics, travel and more are handled with expert care.
  • Long stays. Created to help organizations considering health and wellbeing find the right accommodation offering for anyone looking for a long-term stay in an apartment or hotel.

Finally, we continue to work on our sustainability credentials, including progressing our assessment to become B-Corp accredited. We also integrate event carbon measurement into our daily activities for clients to ensure they have maximum transparency over the footprint of their events program.

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