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Pooja Sharma
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Creative agency Chorus has launched an innovative new arm of its business that builds on the team’s unique insight into art-influenced experiences. Chorus Arts has officially launched with an exclusive exhibition event at the group’s Riverside Studio location in London, but has already been involved in a number of activations that have demonstrated the growing importance of artist-led creativity in Chorus’s continued success.

Chorus Arts is led by Maria Katehis, a creative producer with twenty years of experience working with artists, designers, exhibition makers and luxury brands, from Anish Kapoor to Louis Vuitton. A professional practice lecturer for UAL, Maria is a leader in her field, with an extensive network of industry contacts, such as Louise Shannon, guest curator for the Chorus Arts Featured Artist program 23/24.

At its core, Chorus Arts exists to create new opportunities, to nurture creative talent from Britain and to facilitate public art interventions, immersive installations, experiential events and groundbreaking exhibitions.

The company wants to grow a community of artists who can showcase their work, but also use their ideas to positively impact Chorus projects. By tapping into this artistically guided talent, Chorus customers can benefit from unique creative thinking and connect directly with the artistic community.

Maria Katehis, head of choral arts, said:

“We have three pillars for Chorus Arts: Chorus Arts Community exists to identify and facilitate exciting and equitable opportunities for artists at all stages of their careers. Through our Featured Artist and Concepts programs we support artists from a wide range of disciplines, leveraging our extensive contacts in the creative industries to create opportunities and turn concepts into reality. Chorus Arts Collaborations brings together a wealth of experience with innovative, vibrant creative practitioners.”

“Chorus Arts is a part of our business that delivers purpose-driven art and artist projects, but it is also a powerful creative resource for our clients,” said Andrew Perrott, Managing Director of Chorus. “We are building a community of like-minded individuals who can work together within our company, bringing so much more value to our customers and elevating the concepts and ideas that make Chorus who we are.

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