‘Chief changemaker’ brings Big sessions to Event Sustainability Live

Pooja Sharma
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Guy Bigwood, CEO and lead changemaker at regenerative tourism and events impactor GDS-Movement, has won an impressive 22 awards for his groundbreaking work aimed at helping governments, cities, businesses and associations scale up, scale up and accelerate their sustainability programs.

Named among the Micebook and isla Power 50: Green Champions in October, Guy Bigwood is a powerful, persuasive, stimulating speaker who will lead three sessions at Event Sustainability Live (ESL) on day one.

The Bigwood ESL turns will kick off on the GL Events Stage with ‘Destination Sustainability: Results, Trends and Insights’ – taking into account six key trends highlighted by the latest round of GDS-Index benchmarks.

In the afternoon, Guy Bigwood will discuss the more ‘ESCRS Case Study: A Strategic View of Sustainable Association Meetings’ on the DPRG Stage, inspired by the findings of the 2022 ESCRS Congress in Milan and the 2023 ESCRS Congress in Vienna.

The Bigwood afternoon will conclude on the same stage with ‘The Regenerative Revolution: Developing and Managing Forward-Looking, Thriving Events’ – sharing research and best practices brought about by and beyond the pandemic. Keys to more resilient, inclusive, sustainable and impactful events.

Guy Bigwood comments: “Event Sustainability Live is a transformative platform for event professionals who want to make a positive difference. As we come together for this two-day journey, we not only embrace sustainability; we accelerate it together.

“I’m excited to be part of this movement. During these sessions we discover real-world results and the latest trends, giving you valuable insights to shape your own sustainability stories about events and destinations.

“We discuss the power of sustainable destinations and how they can change the game. The ESCRS case study will highlight the strategic brilliance behind sustainable association meetings.

“Together we leave Event Sustainability Live not only inspired, but equipped with the knowledge and tools to create events that create change and set new standards for a sustainable future.

“Join us. Let’s reshape the events industry step by step!”

Event Sustainability Live is on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 November at ExCel London.


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