Bristol’s brand new, state-of-the-art film and TV studio is launching in style

Pooja Sharma
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West of England, Mayor Dan Norris visits Box 7 to officially open the studio in Brislington. November 2023.

Last night (Wednesday 1 November) saw the opening party for Bristol’s latest edition, focusing on the growing interest in production studio spaces. The state-of-the-art facility in Brislington’s Skyline Park Creative Hub features a wide range of mixed-use facilities that have attracted guests from a range of creative industries across the city and the West of England.

Box7 studio is not limited to the label of film and TV studio; With production offices, a shared lounge, kitchen and production office facilities, acoustically dampened podcast and green screen studio and a fully treated soundstage, the venue can be used in a variety of ways and last night’s launch event proved to be nothing less, with food and coffee on offer during daytime tours, the venue changed in the evening with a live DJ and a chance to show off the main room’s impressive acoustic treatment.

Guests from the music, advertising, film/TV, virtual production, education and digital media industries; To name just a few, attendees at the launch party were all interested in seeing how the latest offering to Bristol’s creative spaces could be of value to them.

Johnny Palmer, founder of PYTCH and Box7 says: ‘This studio is our contribution to Bristol’s creative scene – we’re excited to see commercial recording happening and to support pro-bono work for local artists and indies’

“The building in which the studio is located used to be a warehouse for construction kits, but we have invested heavily in acoustic and lighting treatments to make it an ideal film location. It has been a big investment for us, but we really believe in Bristol’s creative scene and are honored to be part of the continued development of the UK creative scene”

WECA Metro Mayor Dan Norris, who has been a strong voice in advocating for creative development in Bristol, was on hand to cut the ribbon with Johnny Palmer and officially declare the venue open.

“What a clever idea to not only have a film and TV studio, but also a venue that takes podcasts and events into account and also encompasses the other creative fields,” says Dan.

“It’s so important that we continue to support the creative industries in the West of England, and studios like this give everyone the opportunity to explore their creative projects.”

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