BMA House offers CO2 impact menus because it takes its sustainable catering offering to the next level

Pooja Sharma
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BMA House, a leading sustainable venue in the heart of London and home to the British Medical Association, has expanded its sustainable catering offering over the past year, thanks to a successful partnership with its catering partner Company of Cooks.

As part of these developments, Company of Cooks has also been reappointed as the exclusive catering partner for BMA House, reaffirming their commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences in an environmentally conscious way.

Over the past twelve months, the events team at BMA House and Company of Cooks have worked tirelessly to redefine the venue’s catering offering, with a focus on sustainability, location, transparency and waste reduction. This joint effort underlines their commitment to creating memorable conferences and events that align with their eco-friendly values.

Main achievements:

Enabling informed choices: A new initiative at BMA House involves creating menus that transparently display the carbon impact of each item. This groundbreaking approach enables event organizers and visitors to make conscious choices that align with their individual CO2 reduction goals. These menus were developed in collaboration with Foodsteps and are rated on an AE scale, where A stands for the most environmentally conscious option.

Innovative culinary evolution: BMA House’s catering team has removed beef products from all menus. This transition is particularly important for BMA House as it complements their vibrant summer party and barbecue activities. The traditional burger was replaced by a range of creative alternatives, to suit the changing culinary preferences of the venue’s customers. Additionally, their Future 50 menus combine well-known but under-consumed foods that are highly nutritious, have relatively low environmental impact, tasty, accessible and affordable.

Embrace local suppliers: BMA House recognizes the environmental impact of food miles and the importance of fresher ingredients and has further developed partnerships with local growers and suppliers. Dubbed their London Larder, this collaboration has resulted in carefully curated menus that not only highlight the locally sourced components, but also use imagery to visually share the food journey, demonstrating the venues’ continued support for the local community.

Minimizing food waste: BMA House’s partnership with WasteKnot has resulted in a remarkable reduction in food waste. In the UK it is estimated that 7% of products never reach the kitchen due to cosmetic imperfections or the discarding of specific parts. Through this partnership, BMA House collects ingredients that would otherwise be wasted, helping to reduce food waste in the hospitality sector. WasteKnot products are now used in all cafe soups, catering fork buffets and even a… dessert of the week.

Celebrating a renewed partnership: With these impressive steps in the field of sustainable catering, Company of Cooks has been reappointed as the exclusive catering partner of BMA House. Their shared vision and commitment to sustainable culinary excellence make this partnership a natural progression of their successful collaboration.

Kat Winfield, Venue Manager, said: “We are excited to continue to highlight our progress in sustainable catering, and our continued partnership with Company of Cooks is a testament to our shared commitment to delivering memorable events that have a positive impact have on the environment. These achievements underline our commitment to meeting the changing preferences of our customers while championing sustainability.”

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