Aeo appoints Jess Wright as senior events manager

Pooja Sharma
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The Association of Event Organizers (AEO) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jess Wright to the position of Senior Events Manager.

In this role, Jess will be responsible for the organization and management of AEO’s key events, including the AEO Forums, People’s Awards, Excellence Awards and Conference. She will also oversee international dinners, conference icebreakers, executive-led summits, roundtables and family trips, working closely with her manager, Sarah Scott, the director of events and operations and the marketing team.

Jess’s new role will be critical in supporting the delivery of AEO’s events, where she will manage a wide range of responsibilities including supplier and venue liaison, speaker coordination, entertainment, production and more. She will also strive to carry out all aspects of her role in a sustainable and inclusive manner, reflecting AEO’s commitment to excellence in event planning.

Scott said: “Jess previously worked in marketing and projects at AEO and most recently held roles in social media, marketing and design and before that at Energi Coast as lead events coordinator – she is proactive, solutions-oriented and a team player and her experience, along with her previous job at AEO in marketing and projects means she is ideally suited for this role.”

Wright said: “I am delighted to be returning to AEO and the events industry. It’s a great team and a fantastic opportunity to work closely with Sarah, who I know I will learn a lot from. I’m looking forward to getting involved in the events, seeing old faces and meeting new ones too!”

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