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Pooja Sharma
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run.events is pleased to announce that they have been named a finalist for Best Technology To start category in this year’s Event Technology Awards.

run.events recently unveiled its state-of-the-art platform, designed to revolutionize the events industry, with embracing the latest event trends and technologies at the forefront. And of course, here to set the new standard!

It’s not just an event management tool; it is a complete operating system tailored to the events industry. From selling tickets and tracking payments to advanced attendee management, run.events offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to every aspect of event planning and execution.

At run.events, the commitment goes further than just providing a platform. The team believes in the success of its users. “We will never stop caring, nor will we leave you hanging. Your success is our success,” says Adis Jugo, President (Technology) run.events GmbH.

Gone are the days of tedious manual badge printing. With run.events, event organizers can effortlessly manage badge printing and check-in, giving attendees a seamless experience from the moment they arrive.

The run.events mobile app is more than just an event guide. Attendees can view schedules, connect with sponsors, exhibitors and other attendees, and even participate in gamified activities, all from the palm of their hand. This app improves communication about events, keeping everyone informed and involved.

run.events strives to remain at the forefront of event technology. Whether it’s the latest event communications, mobile app features or emerging event trends, the platform ensures users are always ahead of the curve.

Organizations all over the world are already reaping the benefits of the platform. For example, the European Collaboration Summit and European Cloud Summit streamlined their event management processes, reducing the number of tools from six to just one, resulting in a 50% reduction in costs. Similarly, DIWUG, a tech conference organizer, praises run.events for its all-in-one platform that handles everything from speaker selection to attendee registration.

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