Dimpy Ganguly, Rahul Mahajan’s Ex-Wife To Marry Again And Invite Rahul To The Wedding!




An elated Dimpy confirmed the news to TOI by informing about plans for her roka, which is to be held in the first week of November. She also told how she met Rohit, who is actually her childhood school time crush, again in 2013 in Dubai of all places where they both confessed their feelings for each other..

“We were from different schools and would meet only during fests, but we could never talk about our feelings for each other. And then, I moved on. Strangely, I bumped into him in Dubai in 2013, almost a decade later, and that’s when we confessed our feelings to each other.”

Dimpy came into limelight when she took part in a television show called Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega where Rahul chose her as his life partner. The two got married in 2010. However, trouble started brewing immediately with Dimpy filing a case against Rahul for domestic violence. The two separated in 2014, but remain to be on cordial terms.

In fact, when Dimpy was asked whether she would be inviting Rahul, her ex-husband to her wedding, here is what she has to say:

“I never thought about that, but now that you ask, why not? I believe in appreciating good things in a person and relationship. We were two different people trying too hard to make the marriage work, but it fell apart. Neither of us was at fault.

Rohit had been with her when she was going through a difficult phase in her life, her divorce with Rahul Mahajan. He stood by her at all the times and even remained unfazed when both Dimpy and Rahul entered the Bigg Boss house in its eigth season last year, amidst their divorce proceedings.

Rahul and Rohit, as Dimpy informed, know each other and have met on several occasions.